35 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

35 Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

When it comes to asking a girl out, there’s a lot of nerves involved. You might be feeling shy or scared of rejection, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go ahead and pop the question!

Sometimes, all you need is a little confidence boost. That’s why we’ve compiled 35 cute ways to ask a girl out.

Tips and Cautions When Using One of these Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out Suggestions 

Whichever you choose, this list of cute ways to ask a girl out is sure to help you wind up on a date with that special girl. But keep in mind, no means no.

If she says no or she’s said no in the past, no amount of repeatedly asking will make her say yes. It’ll only make her uncomfortable.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media 

Use your favorite social media platform to publicly ask her out. Nothing impresses a girl more than confidence.

Why It Works: Confidence is an incredibly attractive trait.

2. Write a Note 

This is a simple, old-fashioned way to ask that special girl out. Keep the note short and simple. Let her know you’d enjoy spending some time with her and avoid being too corny.

Why It Works: It’s simple and straightforward.

3. Make Your Own T-Shirt 

This is similar to the method above, but instead, write it on a t-shirt. Pick up a white t-shirt and some fabric markers, write the question, and visit her at home or work while you’re wearing the shirt.

Why It Works: It has shock-value and she likely hasn’t seen it before.

4. Give Her a Phone Call 

All girls are used to text messages, emails, and social media messages asking them out.

Surprise her with a phone call asking her to the fine-dining place of her choice and she’ll appreciate the gentleman approach.

Why It Works: She won’t be expecting this “outdated” method of communication.

5. Write a Poem  

This is especially great if she’s a romantic type of girl. Think about what you really like about this special girl and write her a poem letting her know how you feel and where you’d like to take her.

Why It Works: It’s incredibly romantic and shows you care.

6. Spell It Out in the Sand or Snow 

Depending on where you live, spell it out in the sand or snow. This can be one of the best cute ways to ask a girl out.

Keep it simple and write the question in the sand or snow as a surprise for her.

Why It Works: It’s surprising and catches her off guard.

7. Create a Treasure Hunt 

Out of all the cute ways to ask a girl out, this one takes the most work, but it’s well worth it. Set up some riddles with clues leading her up to an exciting question: “will you go out with me?”

Why It Works: She’ll have a blast and realize you’ll be fun on a date.

8. Leave It in a Fortune Cookie

You can buy molds to make fortune cookies yourself. Simply write it out on a small piece of paper and pop it in the finished product as a sweet surprise.

Why It Works: She’ll be impressed by the amount of effort you put in.

9. Write It on Baked Goods 

Similar to the fortune cookie, bake her favorite treat and use decorative icing to spell out the question on top.

Why It Works: She’ll appreciate you taking the time to bake for her.

10. Use a Balloon 

This is one of the best and most affordable cute ways to ask a girl out. Write the question on a balloon, then stick the balloon on her car, locker, or door at home.

Why It Works: It’s fun and fresh compared to traditional methods.

11. Round Up Your Friends 

Gather a group of friends and create message boards with one word on each board. Ask her to meet you somewhere and have your friends line up, in order, to surprise her.

Why It Works: She’ll be shocked at how much time and effort you put in.

12. Put It in her Coffee 

If you work with the girl you’d like to take out, get a mug made for her with the question at the bottom. Offer to make her coffee and wait until she’s done—she’ll definitely be surprised.

Why It Works: It’s an unexpected gesture she’ll find incredibly sweet.

13. Update Your Name in Her Contacts 

Ask her to borrow her phone and change your name/picture in her contacts to something involving an upcoming date. Give her a call afterward to make sure she sees it.

Why It Works: It’s sweet and mysterious (and what girl doesn’t appreciate that?)

14. Give Her a CD 

This is one of the best old-school cute ways to ask a girl out. Burn her a CD filled with songs she loves, and at the end, record yourself asking her out.

Why It Works: It shows you care about her enough to know her taste in music.

15. Buy a Talking Teddy ear 

What do girls love more than soft, cuddly teddy bears? Soft, cuddly teddy bears with a voice recording asking them out! This is, by far, one of the most endearing cute ways to ask a girl out.

Why It Works: Every girl loves teddy bears!

16. Put It in a Pizza Box 

Almost everyone loves pizza. Why not add your question to the lid of a pizza box so when she opens it, she gets a great surprise?

Why It Works: She’ll love the thoughtful gesture of pizza and a surprise.

17. Send Her Flowers 

Get her a nice bouquet of flowers delivered to school, home or work with a nice note asking her out. This is one of the most traditional cute ways to ask a girl out.

Why It Works: It’s traditional and romantic enough to sweep her off her feet.

18. Write It in Her Notebook

Do you go to school with her? If so, sneak her textbook away and write your message on the page or in a note tucked into the textbook.

Why It Works: It’s a sweet surprise she’s sure to appreciate.

19. Use Sidewalk Chalk  

This is one of the most creative cute ways to ask a girl out. Get some sidewalk chalk and write the question on the sidewalk near her house or workplace.

Why It Works: It’s a fun way to show her you’re into it.

20. Create a Romantic Crossword Puzzle 

Try making a romantic crossword puzzle wherein the answer spells out the question. This gives you the bonus of enjoying a few minutes together while she does the puzzle.

Why It Works: You get to spend quality time together before you even ask!

21. Spell It Out with Tea Light Candles 

Out of all the cute ways to ask a girl out, this is one of the most romantic ways. Buy a bunch of tea light candles and spell out the question in her driveway at night.

Why It Works: It’s a level of romance she probably hasn’t seen before.

22. Add It to a Bookmark  

If she’s into reading, add it to a bookmark that suits her personality or simply use a sticky note and find a way to sneak it into her book.

Why It Works: It shows a clever side of you she might not have seen before.

23. Get a Bit Cheesy with Food 

Does she like to laugh? If so, this is one of the funniest cute ways to ask a girl out.

Put out a bowl of grapes near her desk at work or school with a note saying, “it’d be grape if you’d go out with me!”

Why It Works: She’ll laugh and what girl doesn’t appreciate a funny man?

24. Use Emojis in a Clever Way 

This one might be a bit tricky, but get creative, and it’s sure to impress. Use emojis only to spell out the question and have her guess what the message says.

Why It Works: She’ll have fun deciphering your secret message!

25. Play a Card Game

This is one of the sweetest cute ways to ask a girl out. Ask her to play a card game that you’ve rigged beforehand with one of the cards showcasing the question.

Why It Works: It’s clever and sweet enough to impress her.

26. Play a Game of Hangman 

Use the common game known as “hangman” to spell out the question. Once she guesses all the letters, she’s sure to be surprised!

Why It Works: She’ll enjoy playing the game and appreciate the surprise at the end.

27. Give Her a Gift  

Think about where you’d like to take her. Give her a gift that relates to the date and ask her then.

For example, you can give her the actual movie ticket you’re taking her to or give her a bracelet to wear for dinner.

Why It Works: It shows you put time into planning the perfect date for her.

28. Sing Her a Song 

If you have musical talent, write a song for her and play it next time you’re together. She’s sure to love this.

Why It Works: Her heart will warm at the sound of you singing a sweet song.

29. Send Her a Birthday Gift 

Does she have a birthday coming up in the next couple of weeks? Send her a gift and include the question on the birthday card.

Why It Works: She’ll appreciate the fact that you remembered her special day.

30. Ask Her to Her Favorite Place 

If she’s into ballet, ask her to go to an upcoming ballet performance. If she’s into the theatre, ask her to her favorite show.

Why It Works: She’ll love the fact that you’re showing interest in her hobbies.

31. Buy a Custom Chocolate Bar 

Many manufacturers allow you to customize chocolate bars. Create one with the question on it and give it to her.

Why It Works: Who doesn’t love chocolate? Enough said! .

32. Say an Old-Fashioned Pick-Up Line First 

Nothing is funnier than an old-fashioned pick-up line to break the ice. Use your favorite pick-up line, then follow up with the question.

Why It Works: Girls always appreciate a man who makes them laugh.

33. Put a Note on Her Pet’s Collar 

If she has a pet and you’re able to get close enough to them, put a note on her pet’s collar asking her out.

Why It Works: Who could say no to a sweet invite found on their pet?

34. Stay Sober During Happy Hour 

Going out with colleagues for happy hour? This is a great chance to impress her. Stay sober and when she asks why, explain that you want to be sober when you ask her out.

Why It Works: She’ll love the fact that asking her out has so much importance to you.

35. Pick Up Lottery Tickets 

Grab two lottery tickets – one for you and one for her. Explain that if you win, you’ll pay for the date. If she wins, she’ll pay for the date.

Why It Works: It’s a clever method she likely hasn’t heard before.


A girl likes effort and attention, so put some thought into the way you ask her out. Whether you’re trying to make it official or asking her out on a first date, it’s vital that you make good effort to do it right.

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