How to Get Quality Backlinks that Will Increase Your Blog Traffic

Are you looking to improve your search engine rankings? If so, it’s all about getting quality backlinks to increase your blog traffic. How do you do that?

Research shows that businesses with consistent blogging end up with 97% more backlinks than those who don’t pay attention to consistent blogging. It takes a significant amount of time to build up your blog, so what can you do in the meantime?

How can you get quality backlinks that will increase your blog traffic as a new blogger?

Create Valuable Resources

Regardless of your industry, there is someone searching for the valuable information you’re able to offer via free resources—from eBooks to reports to whitepapers.

People will click and share these resources with others if they offer enough knowledge. Make sure you’ve done a good amount of research before putting together your valuable resources.

Send Press Releases to Local Media Outlets

If there’s a relevant, time-sensitive topic trending in your industry, always capitalize on it. Create a press release offering information on the topic and send it to the local media.

If your press release gets picked up, they’ll post it on their website and link back to you. Since local media outlets often have high authority, it’ll be an easy good quality backlink.

Use Infographics to Your Advantage

A lot of businesses stay on top of blogging in terms of written content, but what about infographics? Start creating and promoting infographics on your blog and social media platforms.

Infographics are one of the most commonly shared resources because they make it easy to digest information.

Check Out the Competition 

For any given keyword you’d like to rank for, take a look at what the competition is doing. Type the keyword into your search engine and click the first few unpaid results. Review how many words, images, and other elements there are.

Pay attention to the meta description. Use this information when you’re crafting your next blog post and make sure yours is similar but improved.

Perform Studies to Gather Unique Statistics

This goes back to the point about using infographics to your advantage. While infographics are fantastic, if you create infographics with unique statistics, they’re even better.

So how do you perform studies to get this data? Use something like survey monkey or another similar service. You’ll end up with tons of unique statistics people will want to share.

Link to Other Websites

Find some high authority websites that would be relevant to the content you’re writing. Why spend time linking to other websites? Those websites will be more likely to link back to you in the future.

Just make sure you reach out to the owner and let them know you’d like to feature their article in your own. Chances are, they’ll be happy you’re linking to them and link back to you in the future.

Work on Building Positive Relationships

If you can’t find a relevant place in your own article to link to someone else’s article, try to build positive relationships by commenting on their pieces of content.

Keep in mind, you want to comment on articles that belong to high authority websites. Be complimentary to the content they’ve created, and when possible, add meaningful feedback.

Create What’s Known As “Skyscraper” Content

This is the ultimate content for anyone looking to learn about a specific subject or topic. Do a quick web search to find the highest-ranking content that’s similar to your subject or topic, then make sure you create an even better version of that content.

This “skyscraper” content should offer all the information necessary for someone to learn everything about that particular subject or topic.

After You’ve Followed the Tips Above, What Should You Do?

After you’ve followed the tips above, you’ll have a ton of useful, relevant content on your blog. So what’s next? Make sure you’re sharing your content as often as possible! Go beyond sharing on social media.

Find forums filled with questions about your particular industry and share your content there. Start an email campaign that links back to your blog for more information.


Whenever possible, share the content you’ve worked hard on creating. This will help get the word out, and hopefully, result in a few high authority websites linking back to your work. In addition, start reaching out to high authority websites, but instead of outright asking them to give you a backlink, ask if they’d like more information on the topic you’ve written about.

If they say yes, offer them the URL and tell them to feel free to use it in their own content. When you work hard to gather backlinks, you’ll be rewarded greatly as backlinks are one of the oldest, most effective tactics to improve your blog traffic, and therefore, improve your search rankings.

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