35 Compelling Reasons Blogging Is Important

35 Compelling Reasons Blogging Is Important

There are millions of blogs on the internet today, and most of these brands already know why blogging is such a powerful tool. This compilation is just a small selection to clue you in.

1. Your Competition Is Already Blogging

In 2012, the average marketer updated their website 145 times—this translates into about 4 new blog articles every week.

2. Blogs Are Popular

Blogging puts brands in a position to present their information quickly and clearly, no matter who their target customer is.

3. Customer Acquisition Will Spike

Blogging allows you to be seen as an educator, thus you will become trusted and customers will return when they have decided to make a purchase.

4. A Great ROI

Those who are blogging more than once per day are acquiring their customers through this content.

5. Customers Want Content

Many brands are struggling to keep up with the demand that is placed on them for creating content, so one of the best reasons to start blogging is fill this void that has a high demand.

6. You are Not Limited By The Demographics

People of all ages read blogs to research services and products that they are interested in, or to simply get more information on any given topic.

7. Create Offline Opportunities

Blogs are sometimes regarded as a primary source of information, so journalists may refer to them when putting together a story.

8. Chronicle Your Brand’s Birth

If you begin blogging before your big launch, the story of your brand will actually be shown through the entries.

9. What Readers Want

Tips and trick are huge on the internet. When you write a post that is genuinely helpful, customers will read it and then share it.

10. Sharpen Your Own Mind

You will be consistently researching new things, you’ll be able to better explain things to your audience, and you will learn what is needed to answer all of your customers’ questions.

11. Your Website Will Be Crawled Often

Because adding new content changes your website, this will cause it to be crawled to note the changes.

12. You Can Engage With Your Customers

Blogs are more than just putting information out into the web, blogging allows you to turn this into an opportunity to have a real conversation with your audience and get to know what they want.

13. Offer Promotional Materials

Keep customers returning when you offer promotions that are only found on your blog. This shouldn’t be the main focus, providing useful information still needs to be the main focus.

14. It Is A Branding Tool

This is how many companies create their brand’s own unique voice while educating their customers about their industry.

15. Your Brand Will Become Human

Consumers want to know that there is a real person behind the brand, so let your personality show. While still focusing on what you are saying, know that what matters is how you are saying it.

16. Networking

Part of the audience that you will build will be made up of entrepreneurs like yourself. Get to know them as this may lead to great business opportunities.

17. Today’s Consumers Stay Connected

Because of this, content is being consumed more now than ever before. Information is being accessed on mobile phones, computers, and tablets all day and night.

18. You Become Valued

In order to have influence, you must be regarded as valuable. The content that you create should be based on what your reader will be getting out of it.

19. Build Credibility

A blog records the valued content that your audience looks for, and provides the credibility that clients are looking for.

20. Shape Your Vision

Having your ideas laid out in complete thoughts and sentences forces the mind to think more clearly about them.

21. The Financial Opportunity

Companies will spend hundreds of billions of dollars on custom content on blogs. While the grow does show signs of slowing down, start now while the trend is hot.

22. Nurture Your Ideas

You will develop the routine of observing and contemplating things in your everyday life that can be applied to your creative ideas.

23. Chronicle Your Credentials

Your blog will leave a trail of sorts, tracking the research you’ve done to make yourself an industry expert.

24. Qualified Leads

Simply put, blogging leads are more qualified—making the visitors more likely to become customers as opposed to social media leads.

25. It Is Easier Than You Think

Chances are that your brand already has enough information to crank out a good amount of blog posts. Repurposing information is okay, as long as it is made fresh and relevant.

26. SEO Will Rise

When other websites link back to your blog, search engines will deem your content important.

27. Authority is Important

Unique content, social signals, and organic backlinks build up authority over time, and point to your brand as an expert in the area.

28. Consumers Are Creating Content

Almost half of all consumers will turn to social media to talk about a brand, and your brand should be contributing to this conversation.

29. Outsourcing Is Easy

Close to half of all marketers outsource their content creation in some way to agencies and/or freelancers. Your own fear of writing shouldn’t keep you from exploring this opportunity.

30. Grab On To Market Share

Around 70% of companies that blog have garnered more attention within their industry through their content creation. The more content that is created, the better the chance that you will stand out among your competition.

31. Free Market Research

The blog comments act as qualitative data that can be used rather than spending an outrageous amount of money on gaining consumer insights.

32. Client Retention

Blogging is an easy way to keep in touch with current customers, and over 60% of those involved in marketing use content to retain their optimum amount of clients.

33. They Are Used As A Tool To Make Decisions

A customer will read through a blog and evaluate their choices before deciding on a vendor to buy from, which relates directly back to the clear ROI.

34. Blogs Are Excellent Marketing Tools

Blogs are actually regarded as the most effective way to market content in a world that is stuffed full of things like case studies and videos.

35. Multiple Points Of Contact

It takes about seven points of contact before a consumer is ready to buy, and compelling content will drive visitors to subscribe.

While taking all of these reasons into consideration, know that a successful blog will not only benefit your brand, but your customers as well.

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