15 Tools Every Content Marketer Should Use

15 Tools Every Content Marketer Should Use

Content is very important to ensuring that your business is successful. It is your story that people can relate to. There are so many tools out there to help jump start your content marketing, so there is plenty to choose from. The trick is finding the tools that work for your company and can best capture your unique tale of what your business consists of. Here are 15 of the most popular and useful tools that every content marketer should use.


This content marketing tool is one in which will help you to optimize your search engine results for WordPress and other platforms. This will help to ensure that the content you are putting on your blog is going to get noticed. It is definitely a tool that you need to start using because it makes the process so much easier and automatic.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an extremely helpful organization tool that content marketers can benefit from using. You can schedule and collaborate with others, create appointments and reminders for production, and the best part is, it is free!

Google Keyword Planner

If you struggle with knowing what combination of words in headlines go well together, Google keyword planner can help you. You can figure out what keywords are most searched for, and it can also help you to find out if the keywords you are currently using as helpful.


Twitter allows a content marketer to find out what subjects are trending, so that they can see what content is going to have the biggest impact on clients. It can also assist in figuring out what certain hashtags that are relevant to your niche might turn up. This will allow you to figure out what you are up against when developing your latest content. It is important to make sure your content is unique and eye-catching. Twitter can help you do this.


Buffer can be used in conjunction with Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites, so that you can figure out what places and times are best for sharing your content. In addition, it will help you to schedule posts, so that you can be sure you are optimizing your content and it is getting to the right hands at the right time.


Advertise your content on Facebook, and it will reach so many users worldwide. Facebook is one of the most-used social media platforms and will allow you to advertise your content in a unique way that people will pay attention to. You can also include videos and pictures so that potential customers can get a visual of your story and what your company offers. It is free, and if people like what they see, they will share it with their friends and virtually do the work for you.


Pinterest is a popular social media platform that not only allows you to share your content, but can also help give you new ideas and see what else is out there for competition. You can have as many boards as you would like, which can help you organize your content and ideas. It also has a feature where you can make boards private until you are ready to share them with the world. Boards can be shared with colleagues, so you can collaborate.


What better way to market your content than to do so in email? Just about everyone uses email, and Mailchimp can help you to reach out to people in your email list. It is easy to use, and can even help to add more subscribers. Use Mailchimp as a reliable and automatic tool when it comes to marketing your content.


This content marketing tool can be used to help find new ideas based on what is trending out there on the internet all across the world. Reddit allows content marketers to figure out how to make headlines more effective, discover the next subject of a blog or article, and even figure out what images will catch the eye of customers. It is definitely a tool that content marketers should have.


Quora is a site where you can go to ask and answer questions you have for just about anything. A content marketer could benefit from using Quora because it can help a company to have an open dialogue about anything related to its origin and function. Quora also can help to facilitate market research and engage potential customers as well as existing customers. An added bonus is that it can help content marketers to find new ideas.


PR Web is a great way to advertise your content to journalists and people who subscribe to the news. This will help you to get your story out there. It is said that the syndication platform can reach over 3 trillion users in just a month. It can also help you to create your press release and even collect data on how successful it is.


Trello is a great content marketing tool that is essential for organizing all your ideas, content, and is completely free. It allows you to collaborate with your team, comment on ideas, and get feedback from your colleagues so that you can ensure the content you are putting out there is effective. Comments can be given and received in real-time, so you don’t have to wait too long for your feedback. This can also help you to get your content out there quickly.


Evernote is great for not only organizing your content, but for keeping it all in one safe place. You can create different notebooks, which helps you be able to find what you need when you need it. It also allows you to upload pictures and videos, share with your team, collaborate and comment, and can be used on your mobile device.


Visual.ly can help you to create interesting and eye-catching content when you are struggling. You can use templates for inspiration, or you can create your own. Either way, it is a must-have for content marketers.


Lastly, another great tool that all content marketers should have is Resize.it. Sometimes images can be difficult to work with because you need to resize it, crop things out, or find the right angle. Resize.it can help you will all your image needs.

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