Guest Blogging

Allowing guest posts is the easiest way to receive natural, high-quality content links to your website to help increase traffic and elevate site rankings.

Affordable Blogging’s guest post will create an original article with your link and post it on another real website. We publish only on 100% real sites and ensure that all content is original and well-written.  These unique articles are the enterprise-level types of links that most cannot acquire.

The AB Guest Posting Team specializes in working with SEO and digital marketing companies, offering the best price rates in guest posting as well as other content marketing services.

We also serve individuals seeking to boost the traffic and reputations of their sites.

We enable you to bypass the high prices of digital marketing firms because our fees are very low.

Why Choose Affordable Blogging Guest Posting Services?

100% Real Sites. Every blog and website we use is 100% authentic, selected to be quality.  This will ensure that your content will only be posted on actual genuine sites and blogs!

High-Quality Content. We know the quality is important above all else! You can put your faith in our in-house team of writers to create content that is 100% unique and worthy of reading for your use.

Deadline Guarantee. Our services adhere perfectly to your timelines. In the rare instance that there is a delay in approval, our team arranges a replacement blog even on short notice, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.

How it Works

Step 1. Provide Information

Provide us with your URL and preferred keywords, and that’s all there is to it! We will review your order, send you a confirmation, and begin researching for your guest post. 

Step 2. Ordering

Please visit our Order Page for more details.

Step 3. Writing

A member of our guest writing team will write an article for you and send it to you for approval.

Step 4. Distribution

Once we have received your confirmation, we will submit the post and publish your well-crafted article on the industry blog with a link leading back to your own website.

Sites we’re Currently On

You can request a current list of the websites we post on through our Contact Page. We will update you every time a new site is added to our list. 


Price can vary according to DA and the traffic of the site your article will be posted on, but to give you a gist of how affordable our pricing really is for guest posting services:

  • DA 20 – 40 = $90-150
  • DA 41 – 50 = $160-200
  • DA 51 – 60 = $220-350
  • DA 61 – 70 = $360-550
  • DA 71 – 80 = $560-800
  • DA 81 – 90 = $850-1000
  • DA 91 – 100 = $1050-2500

Prices may be higher or lower in certain cases.

No-follow links are discounted 40% of the average price.

Head over to our Order Page to begin the process of receiving your guest post, and be on your way to a better reputation and more site traffic!


What anchor texts can I use?

You can request whichever keywords you want, even exact match. However, all keywords must be usable in a natural English sentence.

Do you accept XYZ niche/keyword?

There are several different types of keywords that we don’t accept.  Those are:

  • Location-based keywords (e.g. dentist Miami, dentist in Miami). Most publishers do not accept these because they look spammy and inauthentic, and are difficult to fit naturally into an English sentence.
  • Adult content, pharmaceutical, or otherwise gray niches
  • Sexual Orientation-based niches
  • Casinos and gambling niches (in some cases exceptions can be made)
  • Firearm-related niches (in some cases exceptions can be made)
  • Non-English, or foreign anchors

What is the turnaround time?

Our turnaround time for guest posting services can be between 1 and 4 weeks.

This is a longer turnaround time than for our other writing services because the article in some instances must go through an editing process on the site that it is to be submitted on.

Depending on the site, some articles can be delivered more quickly.

What happens if the link wasn’t published with the article?

In these rare instances, we will refund the full amount of your purchase to your account. Or, with your permission, we can have the link published on another site of the same or higher DA if a slot is available.

What differentiates us from other guest blogging service providers?

While guest blogging is hardly new and there are many providers of this service, be cautious! There are sites that claim to provide guest blogging services but actually do not do so.

Often many providers write a crappy post and cram your anchors into it in an unnatural way. All of our writers are professionals who create unique, valuable content written to provide quality articles to your target audience specifically.

Our writers will include your anchors in the most natural way possible so the article will not be spam that will drive readers away.

Additionally, other providers sometimes include only links to your website. We link to non-competing authority sites to appear natural and to avoid posts that seem to be spammy.


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