SEO Copywriting Services

SEO copywriting services are one of the most important elements of your search engine marketing campaign. The SEO copywriting you want will speak not only to your customers, but to search engine spiders from Google, Yahoo!, and Bing as well.

Proper keyword selection for your SEO copy is a job that requires tools and a level of experience best found in a solid SEO copywriting services firm.

Several online companies have used us to create an SEO website copy of keywords that bring in outstanding results and traffic from search engines.

Knowing how to properly link a page to the proper keywords and phrases is an important part of developing SEO copywriting that works for your company.

After we select your keywords we use multiple techniques to link your content together and invite search engine spiders to reach your website.

Your readers benefit from this treatment of the content as well as they learn their way around your website. That’s what we call the best—a job professionally well done.


Our standard rate per word for SEO Copywriting Services:

  • $.08 –3-4 days turnaround
  • $.10 –48 hours turnaround
  • $.14 – 24 hours turnaround

The minimum order is 500 words (3-4 days TAT). Use the “other amount” field for higher amounts.

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We are ready to show you how successful a good SEO copywriting job can be with the best your organization has ever seen. Affordable Blogging is waiting, so get in touch today.